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Get the process right and the outcome will take care of itself.


Our founder and director, Jim Meany, has enjoyed an eclectic professional life with one foot in corporate America and the other in education and entrepreneurship.  He has served in a variety of capacities, everything from a marine and lab science grunt for CalTech to manager of a cogeneration facility growing hybrid striped bass and generating electricity for the Sacramento grid, president of a San Francisco environmental engineering firm, and a Gartner analyst who helped establish Gartner's practice in pharma, biotech, and medical devices.

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Jim Meany
and Principal
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Jim has also taught a variety of college test prep classes and other courses while performing admissions consulting for over 16 years for a global test prep organization. It was at this business where Jim earned the Instructor of the Year award.  While an MBA student at USC, he held a significant research fellowship with the head of the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.  His research covered such varied topics as angel investing and institutional venture capital, innovative approaches to printing and textbook production, among others.  While at USC, Jim published research focused on economic development and enterprise zones.


The variety of Jim's experience is a real advantage to our clients, who also come from a variety of backgrounds and pursue a variety of educational and professional goals.  He possesses an uncanny ability to rapidly size up a client, the challenges the client faces, and the mechanisms needed for the client to succeed.  Having served in corporate America, he understands what organizations seek and offer.  As a result, he is able to help clients efficiently target educational, professional, and other goals.

Jim's passion, however, is learning, spreading his enthusiasm for learning and the skills necessary for the undertaking, and helping others find, ignite, and develop their passions (and curiosities).  He believes that knowledge is power, and the more one can develop knowledge and critical learning skills, the brighter that person's future and the better that person's ability to create attractive life options.  Society benefits as well when the populace is more rather than less learned.  That is why Jim undertook managing Insight Tutors LLC as a full-time pursuit in 2001 and has not looked back since.

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