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We are Insight Tutors LLC, a personalized tutoring, test prep, and admissions consulting practice with global reach and a local office in Greenwich, CT, USA.  We have been helping people achieve their academic, personal, and other goals for nearly four decades.

Our philosophy is simple: get the learning process right and the outcome will take care of itself. Nothing about our method is proprietary.  If any tutor or tutoring organization tells you its methods are proprietary, take that statement with a grain of salt.  They are more likely selling gimmicks or "tricks" that will work only on a few problem types than anything proprietary or that you can apply to learning in a global sense.  Watch for our soon to be published book, "Learning to Learn, Lessons From a Lifetime of Tutoring."

We stress understanding the fundamentals first and then building on those.  With our experience, we have noted an unfortunate dearth of expertise and instruction, especially at the secondary school level, on the mechanics of learning.  We teach you those mechanics.  ​

Our philosophy recognizes it's not a one-size-fits-all world, especially when it comes to learning. Everyone is on his/her own path and time line.  Our personalized approach accommodates that understanding, all the while acknowledging that others exert significant control over the future of the student, from pre-K through graduate school, via grades and evaluations.  Our approach allows you to satisfy the needs of the external validator while remaining true to your internal voice.​

To us, learning boils down to two tasks: 1) learn the content; 2) apply the content.  Nothing more and nothing less.  We teach both.  Oh, and a lot of work.  For the serious learner, few, if any, shortcuts exist.  That being said, we are huge on efficiency.  You rarely, if ever, get brownie points for spending more time and energy than necessary on an assignment.  With us, you have permission to be efficient; you don't have permission to be lazy.​

We also understand learning differences (or, to be less kind, I suppose, learning disabilities).  Our response?  So what?  Join the club.  Anyone with any intellectual curiosity at all (BTDubs, still the single definitive trait top tier colleges seek in applicants) has trouble with focus, which we accept is a learned discipline.  Yes, we have ways to help you learn focus.​

One more point before we sign will notice that our website and Facebook/Instagram pages are perhaps not anything like what you would expect of a tutoring/admissions consulting practice.  That's not an accident.


To us, the goal is not admission to an Ivy League school, CalTech or Stanford Law.  Those accomplishments are mere stepping stones.  We believe the goal is a life full of attractive options, regardless of your academic and professional interests.  That's why you won't see any #2 pencils or Scantrons on our sites (well, unfortunately, one that we can't remove slipped in), but you will see many of what we refer to as "aspirational photos."  We want to dare you to dream big, whether as a violin virtuoso, a fighter pilot, or a hedge fund founder.  Whatever your goal, we are here to help you achieve it.

The only way we can help you, however, is if you help yourself. Contact us.  Let us know your aspirations, your needs, and your pain points. Together, we can help you thrive.  



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